Mr.Bug in Madden 09 and WPJA Q2 2008 wedding photography contest

I’m just so stoked to find out “The Bug featured in Madden 09!!!”.

Some of you might remember our Cozumel wedding with a groom and a bride with their masks on. So… a few days ago, I went to this link (Florida Wrestling Fans) Donna (Justin’s mom) emailed me and voila, Justin with his mask on and a caption saying “With the latest edition of Madden 09 featuring new and enhanced agents, EA Sports has found an all new Agent in the world of high-stakes professional football…Gamma Bomb to some, but the Florida Wrestling community knows him better as The Bug!”. I just have to share the news.

Isn’t that just so neat or what?!!! Congrats man!

Ok, another great bit of news I am excited to share is WPJA Q2 2008 wedding photography contest results are out and a few of our images placed in this contest.

Scott and I feel extremely blessed to have been placed among some amazing photo talents from all around the world. Also, we would like to extend a “congrats!” to all the winners.

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  1. Sergio

    I totally remember the “Bug” wedding. One of my favorite weddings EVER!!



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