‘a collaboration between husband and wife’

We consider ourselves two of the LUCKIEST people on the face of this planet. We’re a little goofy, a lot NERDY, and totally COMMITTED to capturing real life…real moments… real people with our photography. We are truly BLESSED and ENJOY what we do. We are GRATEFUL everyday to have met so many wonderful, friendly, and WARMHEARTED people who give us opportunities to be a part of their lives and who TRUST us to catch the tiny bits of time that mean so much to them.

We DON’T POSE or orchestrate things on a wedding day and during our portrait sessions; we always strive to capture who YOU are in our photographs. We don’t believe in manufacturing moments. We believe in TRUE expression and TRUE life.

Our deepest thanks go out to everyone who has trusted their memories to us for the past 20 years.

Photos: Brooks Whittington