Another year gone by, another year beginning.

Man, time flies… from Mexican beaches to Spider Man to Lamborghinis, we’ve seen a lot of cool things this past year, we’ve been to a lot of amazing places, and met countless awesome people. We’ve been there to witness and capture the tears, the smiles, and so many other tiny slivers of time that it is almost hard to fathom when we stop and think about it. Thousands of images… thousands of moments measured in fractions of a second, yet each one enduring for a lifetime and beyond, all the while being cherished by those who trusted us to be there. It means so much to us to have been able to be there for each and every one of them and in the end know that someone will look at those images and remember what it was like at that instant in time.

For us, being able to truly document what actually happened on each wedding, or being able to let personalities show through in portraits and have those of you who hire us appreciate our outlook on it all is the ultimate reward. We can’t thank you enough.

We’ve learned so much this past year. From just furthering our experience and honing our skills, to making technical advancements in how we deliver even higher quality photos in print and albums, each day has been a step forward for us and how we do business. Looking back brings so much into perspective yet, also shows us a clear path for further improvement, development, and a higher quality in our craft and how we do things.

The new year to come is going to be exciting for sure. We have recently added some new album options that are very cool, and we will soon be shooting with new cameras (Nikon D3s) that will open up a whole new world as far as technical freedom to shoot photos and capture things that were technically impossible in the past.

Yep, we’re excited to see what the new year brings, and wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year! Keep checking here to see how we grow throughout the time to come, and also where we’ve been.