Us in The Whittington’s personal project ^_^

To make a long story short, while hanging out with Brooks and Leigh (a very AWESOME husband and wife wedding photographer team) we let out a nerdy secret to them… we have a room in our house with a lot of Star Wars toys on the wall, and that sometimes we break out toy lightsabers and duel. Ok ok… its really me (Scott’s) nerdom coming out, but what can we say.

So after Brooks and Leigh heard that they told us about their personal project to photograph all of the other wedding photographers that they know and they just had to capture us at our best. So here you go…

Do we need to say more about ourselves, really!?

To Brooks and Leigh, you guys are truly awesome photographers and friends!!! We’re glad we were able to duel for you guys. We had lots of fun, THANKS for capturing us!!!

Check out their inspiring work here.