Yep yep Summer is here. Even though it feels like a hundred million degrees out, I somehow look forward to it though. Why?! Because I know we would get to see Alissa and Gage again. ^_^ We have been photographing this fun mother-son duo for the last 2 years. And of course this year is no exception, and we are not gonna miss it for anything! It’s kind of funny when I was little I would hear older people say ‘wow, you are growing up so fast!’ all the time. This time when I see Gage, that is exactly what I said. He is taller, leaner and more boisterous. He is all about play play play… he is a machine ^_- As usual, Scott and I had tremendous fun running around chasing them and catching up with Alissa.

We monkeyed around at the playground ^_-

They came all equipped and prepared with props, toys, changes of clothes and food. Alissa, you are a super mom!!! By the way, this is one of my favorite favs (say it a couple of times it will make sense ^_- heh heh)

Gage paused briefly for Scott to get this shot before he took off again.

Another image I look at over and over and can’t help but smile at. Gage and his grandma… and the look on his face. ^_^

Off we went to a pond in the neighborhood. Gage scoping out his fishing spot.

I admit I was a little skeptical about fishing but the little dude has skills. He got a fish! Pretty darn cool!

Alright, this is another one of my super favs ^_- They are so cute together!!! And his fishing outfit is just too perfect.

I was following Gage around the playground and all of the sudden I heard ‘Gage, Gage’ and I look up … Snap… yep the only frame I got.

We ended up at the swimming pool. The boy’s eyes lit up and he just couldn’t wait to get in the water. I think he’s part fish.

I am already looking forward to next year ^_^ hee hee. Thanks you guys again for having us out to capture your memories!!! We had so much fun!