Scott and I had a great time photographing Christy, Jerry, and their babies Elliot and Allison. Christy is one of my dearest friends who I met when I moved to Dallas for school. We just get along super well, and she is like a sister to me. I am so grateful she is in my life and now our little ones get to hang out. That said, we are so glad we finally did it!!! It was a nice day when we headed out to Celebration Park in Allen. The kids enjoyed themselves and we just had fun ^_^

Elliot with his shy smile.

Elliot checking things out. I love the perspective…how little he is.

He is such a sweet little boy. We refer to him as a “gentle giant”.

Scott really likes this image, he said she looks like a cartoon character ;p

*YAY* to Itsy Bitsy Spider *YAY*

Jerry and his little girl.

Allison having a great time in the swing.

I like that Scott including his own feet in the shot. We both love shooting family sessions, I just can’t say it enough: “it’s really fun!”. We slide, we ran, we played with the kids. What’s not to love?! The kids get to be themselves and we get to capture those fleeting moments for their parents and for them when they grow up.

Too high, daddy!

What a happy little girlie girl?!

This one I shot for me ^_-