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Create your own wedding album and Happy Anniversary!!!

First of all, Happy 2nd Anniversary to Uyen and Ron! May you both have long healthy, sweet, awesome years to come.

As promised, I want to share what our clients do to the files they receive with their package. Uyen designed her own wedding album and shared a few images with us earlier. Of course, I couldn’t help but want to show off her album and how excellent of a job she did. Thanks for dropping it off, I am having fun reliving the day.

As times have changed a lot of people do not make or use photo prints anymore. So when we include our files completely color worked and ready to make prints, and then later learn that our couples do something fun with them, we’re all the more excited to see all the work we put into the photos being used and enjoyed as they were meant to be.

Here some shots of Uyen and Ron’s self made 12×12″ album with tons of big images. Very nice guys!
Wedding Album

Wedding Album

OMG, look at all the details and work they did. By the way, Uyen, her sister Allison and her mom made all these wonderful treats. They are such a pro! Not only it looks great, they tastes wonderful!!! Nom nom… nom.
Wedding Album

Wedding Album Wedding Album Wedding Album