The Easterwoods

How cool to see Angela, Kevin, Lauren, and Emma again! Although this time, we got to meet the newest addition to the family and her name is Aubrey! We’re so fortunate to be able to watch their family grow, and we hope we can keep getting together for some fun as often as possible.

Thanks guys for having us capture you all again! It is our privilege.

Here are some of our favorites from our most recent session.

Awesome parents! We love how they interact with each kid…such a great example.

Aubrey loves her mom! ^_^

She is 100% energy in every way. Happiness here 100%

Tem said Aubrey just ducked into the bush.

Lauren being goofy. ^_^

100% happy…

… then it started to switch…

…100% not happy… I don’t think we could figure out why either. ^_^

Aubrey doing her own thing in the background. I think she’s roaming and crying.

We had a lot of fun and hope we can do it again soon!