Leticia’s Family

We are so excited we got to shoot another familiar family ^_- again. It’s plain and simple; family sessions are fun!!! It’s definitely one of the perks of our job. We get to see babies grow up and capture a glimpse of their childhood for their parents and loved one. What else could beat that?!

Here are a few of our favs from another session with Leticia, Rodrico and Sebastian. And oh… this time we get to meet Leticia’s sister’s family who live in Mexico. Vivianna, her husband Rafael, and a brand new baby Mateo are super easy going.

Such happy faces….

…Auntie Leticia is the secret though… she stood behind us making fun noises and being super animated. Thanks!

They adopted Scott ^_- hee hee. He was a total dork but they let him in.

Behind the scenes.

Thanks for the good time guys! Leticia, we are looking forward to meet with your other sister now, perhaps next year.