Trinon Comes Home!

We feel PRIVILEGED to have been able to capture little baby Trinon coming home after 5 weeks in the NICU. We found out about Amber giving birth to their son Trinon prematurely back in August. Trinon was born at only 4lbs 10oz so he still had a little way to go in the NICU before he could come home.

After a few weeks when it finally seemed that Trinon was going to be able to be released he had a minor complication and was again not able to come home and meet his big sister. Finally we got the word that Trinon was scheduled to be released to go home on a Friday and we knew we had to capture it. This day made it even sweeter because Amber and Michael’s daughter Audrey, who was not quite 2 years old (the age in which you need to be to visit Trinon) was a little too young to go into the hospital to meet her new little brother.

When we showed up at the hospital the NICU was full of tiny preemies being cared for around the clock by the staff at Baylor’s NICU. Michael was there doing some last minute prep before the release paper work was finished, and they could all leave and bring Audrey to the hospital to meet her little brother for the first time.

Here are some favorites of what we were able to document:

Proud daddy holding Trinon before a last in hospital diaper change before going home.

Amber crosses her fingers and hopes that the little guy will have no more trouble and that this will in fact be the day he gets to go home with the rest of the family.

After a diaper and clothes change mom and dad have to reattach the monitors.

Look how tiny his foot is!

One more feeding before the big ride home and meeting his big sister for the first time.

The hospital had them take Trinon to the car in the patient loading area to make sure he would be secured and travel safely.

This is the first time Audrey ever saw her little brother.

She immediately gave Trinon her little toy.

An emotional moment for sure.

We headed to the hospital lobby so Audrey would have a little more room to actually meet Trinon.

She was super excited!

She wanted to hold him so badly… she kept saying “I hold him?”. She loved him immediately.

After a little time together it was time to pack back into the car and head home. Audrey gives Trinon one more loving touch before they left together.

Ok, here is the link to view more of our favorites from the afternoon.

We couldn’t be happier and more honored to have been there to capture something so intimate for the family we had the privilege to capture starting out. ^_^

As I write this blog entry it is Amber’s birthday as well. Happy Birthday Amber!!!