WHAT?! WHAT?! Great news!!! We both are so stoked hee hee… another image of our placed 1st in another uber fierce contest. YES!!!

The 2010 WPJA Q2 Contest showcases the wedding photojournalism of WPJA members throughout the year in 7 categories. The WPJA’s quarterly competitions call for the very best in world-class wedding photojournalism, and then reward talent with unparalleled peer review by distinguished photojournalism judges, titles and professional recognition.

Our image from Carrie and Sammy’s wedding placed 1st in Reception.

JUDGES COMMENTS: Great use of ambient and strobe lighting combined with slow shutter made dance photograph memorable. Just enough panning to create elegant, feel of dance while isolating the couple to capture the dreamy mood of the evening.

JUDGES COMMENTS: The bride and groom dancing together is one of those special wedding moments that every wedding photographer hopes will make a special photograph. The photographer combined a slow shutter speed to create a feeling of motion and used light to isolate the couple on the dance floor. The photograph is taken from above, a balcony perhaps, and the composition places the couple in the lower right third of the frame. Although they occupy only a small portion of the frame the couple capture all of the attention. It’s a well thought out and well executed photograph.

Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks you all for your hard work and inspiration!