Peter proposes to Carmella

When we received an email from Peter on a Wednesday describing how he was going to propose to his girlfriend Carmella, he asked us if we could cover the big surprise. From email to proposal it was only 4 days however the makings of the story were much longer.

At the time we got Peter’s initial email, he was in Dublin, Ireland. Carmella was here in Dallas of course, and had no idea he would be here at all. He arranged an elaborate scheme to get her to the Dallas Arboretum on a Sunday morning, where she would find a sunrise overlooking WhiteRock lake, a table for two, and a note from Peter. She would be convinced that he was still in Ireland and that this elaborate plan was just something special he wanted to do for her since he couldn’t be with her.

Soon after she would read his letter, he would sneak up behind her, surprise her, and propose, all the while Tem and I waited in the bushes photographing the whole thing.

Here’s some of our favorites from how it played out:

Peter took his place hiding while Carmella walked out to the table.

Carmella got Peter’s letter.

Time for the big surprise!

“OMG!” I think was her exclaimation. ^_^

She thought he was still overseas.