Annaly’s first birthday

These kids! They grow up soooo fast! Annaly is already 1, and we can’t believe it got here so quickly. Lyly and Julian had annaly’s 1st brithday at the same place as her Soukhouane/Day Thang ceremony in Castle Hills and there were plenty of familiar faces… and some new. ^_^

Here are some of our favorites from the fun:

Lyly putting the final touches on Annaly’s huge cupcake cake.

Annaly liked her custom shades. ^_^

She always has a smile for daddy.

Of course the final game of the world cup was going on…and there were eyes glued to the action.

Time for cake!

Now time for some musical chairs.

Annaly won fo course. 😉 Were the results rigged? ^_^

Gift opening time!

Apparently they’re pretty awesome.