Ryan’s 1st Birthday

Hard to believe that Ryan’s first birthday is already here. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

Ryan had a super fun Hawaiian Hula themed first birthday party. Complete with Luau pig, volcano, grass skirts, friends, and all the trimmings. Check out some of our favorites!

Hard to believe, but the wall behind Ryan says it all. From engagement session, to wedding, to maternity, and Ryan’s first and second shoot with us… we’ve been privileged to have been there for each step of the journey. Thanks Nikki and Kevin!

He was crawling through his little tunnel.

Nikki preparing some pina coladas.

The playroom was popular.

This one was funny… he soooo wanted to be in the playroom with the other kids.

Araceli had some serious speed going.

Volcano cake time! (Made with love by mommy)

time for a hose-down…

Nikki had some hula hoops ready for a hulu-hoop-off contest.

Ryan got lots of fun gifts.

About time to wind down and leave the party? Her reaction tells how this was not a desired course of action.