It’s that time of the year again and we were very much looking forward to see Alissa, Jen, their mom and Gage again. We were amazed when we walked into their house and Gage said “photo gage!”. How did he know? He turns 3 years old this year and he remembered us?! Too cool!!!

Alissa told us how Gage wanted to have that tire when they went to the store… hence why there is a tire in the living room. Good prop ;p

We proceeded to the backyard… yay! playtime for us all!

While feeding the squirrels he took a birdseed shower.

What a vibrant little boy!

He is very engaging and curious about the whole process and that makes it even more fun.

So Gage has been taking lessons and apparently is really good at swimming. So, we got a few shots of him having a good time with mommy.

Fearless twosome.

Back at home with Aunt Boo (Jen) and grandma.

Gage still had some energy left so we went back out… but it was cutting close to the nap time….

Winding down with a little story before some well earned rest. ^_^