I can’t help but smile. My main reason is that we finally launched a revamp of our website and blog yesterday. We have been working on it for quite sometime and YAY it is done!

I feel like the site and blog need a proper re-introduction hence the title ^_-

Scott and I talked about how we can enhance our client’s/user’s experiences and so we came up with a few objectives. One of them was to have BIGGER images (we LOVE them big) and choices to scroll/skip through images (use your mouse scroll wheel, arrow keys on your keyboard, or just click). We both worked as web-designers in the past and I had no patience for loading times/forcing people to go through slideshows, so we added a few options. Now you can scroll/skip and stop whenever and wherever you want.

We hope you enjoy the new changes. Check it out and let us know how you feel about it. (If you’d like to leave a comment, click on the title of the post and Voila!)