Joanne + Izzy’s wedding | Hilton Bella Harbor

We recently photographed Joanne + Izzy’s wedding which took place at The Hilton Bella Harbor in Rockwall. Their ceremony took place on the patio, with a Chinese Tea Ceremony immediately after.

Joanne getting ready.

In the same room, her cousins practiced for the ceremony.

Both of Joanne’s grandmothers’ glasses on the table in the foreground.

A little lip gloss for the flower girl.

A nice moment before Joanne’s parents walked her out.

Izzy trying to hold in the emotion when he saw Joanne walking down the aisle.

Joanne’s little cousin video taping something ^_-

During the ceremony, their minister presented ‘The Four Elements’. They blended one of the spices (5 Chinese spices and a Navajo Indian spice) Izzy is part Navajo.

Below is some interesting information about their ceremony:

“This ceremony is a reminder in some very tangible ways of the challenges ahead of you!

Tasting the sour tang of the lemon and the bitter taste of the vinegar, for example, brings to mind memories of times when hopes and dreams have soured, when things (when even people) you thought you could count on have been bitterly disappointing. These are not just memories; these also are premonitions of distasteful times that will make their way into your lives over and over again.

Tasting the hot red pepper reminds us that life can burn as well as warm us, and things that come too much for too long have the potential even to damage us. All these experiences will test your love and your commitment to each other. Your task is to step up to life, not to shy away from the sour and the bitter and even the hot, dangerous seasons of your life together, but through it, yes, even because of it, to grow stronger and wiser and closer to one another.

That’s when you experience the honey: the sweetness of love – your faithful love for each other and your Creator’s steadfast love for you – that can transform even the sour, bitter, burning times into seasons of sweet mystery.”

Right after the ceremony, Izzy was very emotional while embraced his new wife.

A quick portrait before we get to the reception.

Tea ceremony.

First Dance.

A toast by Izzy’s sister brought both the bride and groom to tears.

One of the shortest and sweetest toasts I have heard in a long time. Joanne’s mom said Joanne was “her masterpiece”.

Feeding the cake…

… to the face!

Playing with the light in the hallway.

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