Cynthia + Ben’s Wedding | Holy Trinity Catholic Church + Arlington Hall

Cynthia and Ben recently tied the knot at The Holy Trinity Catholic Church and had their reception at Arlington Hall at Lee Park. Scott and I have been looking forward to the wedding and we wanted to thank you both once again for a great time. As usual, I had a hard time narrowing down what to blog because there are so many great moments. That said, here is some of the evidence showing how much fun we all had.

I am impressed the guys took the initiative all by themselves to go into the sanctuary and rehearse.

Cynthia iPhoning (new phrase TM by Scott) before putting on makeup.

An artistic representation of the happy couple-to-wed behind Ben, courtesy of Patrick.

Cynthia joking with her bridal party.

The guys were such a hoot! They were eating their pizza and having a good time. Here, Scott (not the famous photographer) showed off his back flip just because he can.

During the getting ready, Ben was laughing and pointing all of the sudden …

… I turned around and of course I too couldn’t help myself but cracked up at the sight.

Everyone was diligently busy doing their thing.

Ben’s mom helped groom the groom ;p

Heather with her pinning skills. She was very fast!

Cynthia in the moment just before the ceremony. The anticipation was high.

Putting on garter.

All eyes on the bride.

A perfect cubby hole for a speed portrait with the newly wed.

Woot woot!!! In the limo on the way to the reception.

During a couple quick portraits with the newlyweds, their friends got in on the action.

A few of the reception details.

First Dance.

Cynthia and her dad.

No caption needed, right?! ^_-

During the toast, I love Ben’s energy plus that second hand mimicking his action.

Another brisk and snappy portrait during the reception.

What do you call it when there are two lines on each side and people dance their way through?!

And more…

The girls responded back to the boys Top Gun moment.

The last wave goodbye.

What a wonderful day! Click here to view more moments from Cynthia and Ben’s Wedding.

Ceremony: Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Reception: Arlington Hall at Lee Park
Wedding Planner: Shari Johns
Floral Design: Bridal Blooms and Creations
Cake: BridalFrosted Art / Delicious Cakes
Band: Signature Band
Bridal Gown: Lu Lu’s (Casablanca)