Sini + Rengith’s wedding / The First United Methodist, Coppell, Texas

Sini and Rengith’s wedding was held in Coppell, with a reception following at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lewisville. They had about 600 guests, and man…it was fun. The ceremony was an Indian Orthodox ceremony, and was very cool! There were so many unique nuances and the officiants actually fought for us to be as close to the action as possible to capture those important moments.

Here are some of our favorites from the awesome day:

Sini and Rengith provided this booklet with great detailed information on their wedding ceremony which I thought it was very interesting. So here goes:
The order of the service according to the Indian Orthodox Church is a blend of rich biblical traditions and teachings, practices of the Early Church in Palestine and Syria and customs of South India. It is rich in symbolism. Christ is symbolized as the divine Bridegroom whose Bride is the Church. This is fitting model of mutual commitment and total faithfulness that is commended to the couple. The prayers emphasized that marriage is a Sacrament and the family, a divinely blessed institution.

The bride stands on the right side of the bridegroom during the ceremony, indicating that she is given the highest honor, which is to be followed in practical life too.
The marriage service is divided into two parts, formerly held separately but now celebrated in immediate succession. The preliminary part is the “Office of Betrothal” (blessing of the ring) and the second part is the “Office of Crowning” (blessing of the crown) which constitutes the sacrament proper.

An overall shot of the sanctuary.

A toast in the limo, on the way to the reception.

A special choreographed dance for Sini and Rengith.

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