Jackie and Lynn’s family

I LOVE shooting family portrait sessions!!! I can’t get enough of it, it’s just so much fun! These little kids with their personalities and the moment they share with their parents. They are fascinating, they just do whatever they want to do. I hope they will enjoy these when they grow up.

Jackie and Joey
; our awesome couple from Milwaukee planned a visit to Texas recently. Not only we get to meet Connor; their brand new cutie baby boy we get to shoot Jackie’s sister; Lynn’s family too.

Lynn and her son Thien.

Joey and Connor, a mini version of himself.

Hanh a.k.a. “baby girl” as everyone calls her. Just standing there starring at us looking adorable.

Jackie trying to entertain Connor.

Bao and his little baby girl.

Double hand holdings.

Bao and Lynn are so cute together. They just make each other laugh and smile ^_^ They said the last time they had their picture taken for just the two of them was at their wedding.

Same here, just mommy and daddy on this one.