Annaly’s Soukhouane/Day Thang

It was our joy and pleasure to be able to be there to capture Annaly as she celebrated her first Lao ritual Soukhouane and Vietnamese Day Thang ceremonies.

A little more information on the ceremony just in case anyone curious about it. The ceremony is a ritual used to well-wish for many events: marriage, birth, travel, etc… A number of people sit around the Phakhouan (the spirit tray), which is decorated with flowers, folded bananas leaves and branches with white cotton strings hanging down; bananas, boiled eggs, pastries, liquors and money are placed surrounding the base of the PhaKhouan as offering to the spirits in attendance. The ceremony will not happen if there is no MorPhorn (Wish priest). Usually an elder who spent some times as a Monk – presides over the ritual. He lights the candles which have been placed on top of Phakhouan. He then gives prayers while all attendance hold their hands in a prayer-like, palm-together pose. If there are too many participants for everyone to reach the base of the PhaKwan, it’s permissible to touch the elbow of some who can reach it, thus forming a human chain. Later everyone takes a white string and ties around each wrist of the honored guests while wishpering a short, well-wishing recitation. Foods and drinks are served after the ceremony and following with a party.

She is so good, no crying no fussing, she just slept through it.

The elder tied ‘Sai Sin’ around Lyly’s wrist. The sacred white cord called sai sin is meant to ward off ghosts and evil spirits.

And now on Annaly’s wrist.

I love this moment! Annaly is up and active while Julian tied ‘sai sin’ on her tiny wrist. It’s like she knows what he is saying. If I recall correctly he said “when you grow up don’t forget mommy and daddy, ok!?” It was real sweet!

Kids being kids, doing their thing 😉

No caption needed I don’t think hehe.

Almost everyone held Annaly and she didn’t mind one bit. What a sweet baby!!!

Lyly and Julian, thanks again for calling and wanting us to be a part in welcoming little Annaly into your families. We are truly honored!