A great article on “Wedding Photography”

Two days ago Scott and I had a meeting with our prospective bride and groom and they came up with a few excellent questions. One of them was about our gear; do we have back up, what kind of equipment we have and etc?! I couldn’t help but have to tell story about how Scott fell into the decorated chest-deep pool at Misti and Rob’s wedding and that we have plenty of back up equipment (here is the blog post for more detailed info. on the dunk, lessons learned and our gear) and proceeded to show and tell about our imagery from that wedding and how we didn’t miss a beat, which even our couple said themselves.

Well, I want to share this interesting article from Seattle Bride by Cody Ellerd. Cody is a professional travel writer who went to shoot a wedding for Seattle Bride and here is the article. It’s definitely eye opening to read another perspective of what we feel is our position being seen from the other side of the fence… and understood. Very illuminating! ^_^

Let me not spoil it!