Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah

Warnings: there will be a lot of images in this post ;p I can’t help it. There were tons of great moments and details and we had such a good time photographing Daniel Sanders’Bar Mitzvah. The Ceremony was held at The Ritz Carlton in Dallas. We also would like to give some props to Mary-Frances Hurt and Karen Rector from DFW Events, what a wonderful job you ladies did. Check out some of our favs.

Explaining the meaning of some of the ceremony.

An overall shot of the ceremony.

Daniel’s dad was saying how it’s much harder these days to kiss the top of Daniel’s head, but it looks like he managed. ^_^

The Torah.

“Nope… it’s not a Vulcan symbol” said Rabbi Jeffrey. Then he proceeded to tell the congregants where Leonard Nimoy (Spock) got that Vulcan salute from.

A kiddush Luncheon.

Maharilika Dancers.

Everyone getting dance lessons. ^_^

Reception at The beautiful Marie Gabrielle. Cocktails and hors d’vhoures in the garden. All the kids and adults mingled and had a good time.

Guess what theme are they going for?! ;p Wonderful details of everything, we are seriously impressed!!!

Blessing given by Craig Sanders.

Surprise! They made the all-glass wall into a live aquarium!

Moved out to the Aqua Lounge after dinner. And… the action starts!

Daniel and his friends making a flipbook! A neat party favor from PicFlips.

The diver and the clown fish get in on the dance action.

PileUp! Daniel is under there somewhere.

Mary Frances Hurt on the Surf Machine.