Beth and Jim’s Wedding

Beth and Jim said ‘I do’ recently at The Memorial Drive Presbyerian Church in Houston, Texas. We had been looking forward to the wedding cause we knew it was going to be so much fun. If you ever meet Beth (we’d never Jim until the wedding day), you will know why I say that. ^_- Of course we were not disappointed. We had such a wonderful time, as did all of their friends and family! There are so many favs from the weddings, I am having a hard time narrowing them down.

All the girls getting ready in Sarah’s room at The Magnolia.

Holy smokes! ;p Pun intended.

Maggie from Maggie and Kyle/Emily’s sister ^_- also was there doing such a great job on hair and makeup as usual. Go Maggie!

At the church as the groomsmen were getting ready.

A card from the future mrs. to Jim.

This image makes me laugh. I love seeing double.

Jim’s reaction to his groomsmen’s stories while they are circling around him reminding him how they met, their impressions of Beth, and all sorts of wonderful tales.

I love dad and daughter moments, just the look on his face… awww.

OK, one more.

On the bus with the fun bridal party on the way to The Crystal Ballroom at the Rice for the reception.

First dance.

Jim with his mom.

Jim’s brother’s toast got a pretty good reaction from Beth and Jim.

Remember that scene from Top Gun?! Yep! They did it!!!

I think Sarah said ‘I am next’ as she caught the bouquet. We can hardly wait.

Last dance.

A few portraits from The Empire Room.

Click here to view the rest of our favs from Beth and Jim’s Wedding. Once again, congrats guys!!!