Maunica + Saeed’s Wedding PartI

We recently photographed Maunica + Saeed’s Wedding at Winfrey Point by White Rock Lake. Scott and I had such a wonderful time. The colors and decorations were gorgeous, we loved every bit of it! Maunica and Saeed helped us out by sending us information on Hindu wedding ceremony before hand. Thank so much guys!

Here is a brief read on The Hindu Wedding ceremony if anyone is interested.

The Hindu wedding ceremony is an ancient rite that dates back thousands of years. The ceremony is conducted according to the Vedas (ancient Hindu scriptures) which were written in approximately 3,000 B.C. The wedding ceremony is conducted by a Hindu priest who will recite portions of the Vedas in the ancient holy language of Sanskrit. The following is an English translation of the Hindu wedding ceremony.

The purpose of the ceremony is to join two people in a sacred and spiritual union. Hinduism celebrates aspects of nature, and as such, the five elements of water, wind, earth, fire and the sky are incorporated into the ceremony, either in physical form or through Sanskrit verses.

The wedding is conducted under the sacred canopy called a Mandap. The four pillars of the mandap signify the four parents of the bride and groom and the vital role they have played in raising, sheltering and supporting them. The four pillars are also said to represent the four holy books of the Vedas and the four goals of Hinduism: Dharma (righteousness), Artha (prosperity), Kama (love) and Moksha (salvation).

The Hindu wedding ceremony varies drastically in each state and city of India, and even within various families. Maunica’s family is from the state of Gujarat in India so many of the wedding customs are traditional to her family. Part of the wedding festivities include the singing of wedding folk songs by women. These songs are celebratory, light-hearted and often very amusing. Traditionally, women used these folk songs to poke fun at family members and cheer up the bride and groom.

Reflections of Maunica, prepping and getting ready.

Saeed, his family and friends are lining up so that they can dance their way in.

The Groom’s party is welcomed by the Maunica’s family where the Groom is treated to a ritual welcome by Maunica’s mom.

Arrival of the Bride.

Garlands for the Bride and Groom – signify the beauty and everlasting love they have for one another.

A race (to sit first) to see who will wear the pants in the family ;p you can clearly tell who won, right?!

A whisper of blessings and good wishes to the couple.

A brief moment we had for a portrait.


We were told that the Bride’s family will attempt to steal Saeed’s shoes and extract a payment at the end of the ceremony.

It was a very emotional moment for Maunica’s mom.

Overall of Garba (traditional folk dance) in the evening.

Chaat served out of wagons throughout the Garba. Chaat are savory Indian snacks that are eaten as appetizers and sometimes as a whole meal. Chaat is literally “street food” as it is eaten out of street vendor carts all over India. It is a quick, affordable and delicious way to eat in India.

Guests checking out Kulfi (frozen ice cream desert on a stick). I need to find it, it was good…d.

Click here to view the rest of the photographs from Maunica and Saeed’s wedding. And oh, stay tune for partII… coming soon.