Leticia and Pierre’s Engagement Portrait

Hello Hello I am back. Some of you may know I went home (Thailand) to visit my parents. It was hot and sticky but that didn’t stop me from eating anything in front of my face. I love foods and you know it!

Believe it or not I really miss work, and I can’t wait to be back to hold my cameras again, to look at the files and to work on all the albums orders. Call me a weirdo, I really was missing my work.

Now that I am back in almost full swing, let’s see what we’ve got for Leticia and Pierre’s Engagement Portrait session. Scott and I left to Acapulco on the second week of February pretty much right after our beloved Foundation Workshop. We were pumped!!!

We both are thankful that Leticia and Pierre had chosen to trust us to photograph one of the most important days they shared with their families and friends. Although we had never met (They live in Europe and we had only talked on the phone a few times prior. Behold the power of the internet! ^_^), somehow when we first met at the hotel lobby we felt instantly at ease.

I gotta stop rambling on… so here are a few shots from their engagement portrait session that we shot on the grounds of the resort where we all stayed:

Aww… aren’t they so sweet together or what?!

Though you can’t really see their eyes in the photography, I just felt the connection so it has my vote ;p for our favs.

Stay tune… Scott is almost done working on the wedding images. More stories coming…