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Sara and Dan’s Engagement Portrait

We met up with Sara and Dan at The Dallas Art District. It was one of the coldest Sundays we have had in a long time brr…r. BUT we had so much, we laughed so much. It was just great!

A little back story, I thought it was so neat. Earlier this year Scott got a call from Dan. He told Scott about our… well, Dan’s and my first encounter a few years ago at an opening of our friend’s tea shop in Richardson. He was telling Scott that we chatted about photography and I showed him our new shiny camera at the time ;p (I am a dork, I couldn’t help myself) and gave him a business card. Now that he is getting married to Sara he thought of us. I am so stoked that Scott and I will get to be a part of their wedding.

Here are a few of our favorites from the shoot.

Looking forward to seeing you guys in Austin… very soon!!!