Happy New Year!!!

Seriously? Another year has gone by? These things happen so quickly, yet looking back it clear to us that we’ve had a great year.

We started out 2008 shooting new cameras (Nikon D3s) and quickly realizing how much more freedom they allowed us on a wedding day. Even though a camera is just a tool, this new tool took us to places we weren’t able to go before and capture images that were just impossible to do the year before. We were able to integrate them into our process and have loved every minute with them.

We learned to watch out for bottles filled with salt and baking soda as wedding favors… if under pressure or capped they EXPLODE. We went to Houston a couple of times, Austin, Indiana, Fort Worth, all of Dallas, and shot some great venues for some awesome couples. Babies were born all around us toward the end of the year, and all throughout the year there were smiles and moments we captured and were witness to that we hope everyone will cherish.

Looking back at the blog posts for the year, we feel proud of the work we did in 2008 and can’t say “Thank You” enough to all of you who supported us and trusted us to capture your memories. We can only hope for a 2009 as blessed as 2008 was for us. We’re definitely excited for another great year!