Cat and Keefe’s Wedding

Cat and Keefe’s wedding took place on a beautiful October day, at the Northside Baptist church in Carrollton and their reception was at Maxim restaurant in Richardson. We had a lot of fun and we’re glad to be able to have been a part of it all!

Keefe’s sister delivered Keefe’s gift.

It was pretty packed in the bridal room.

High Five before the ceremony!

Cat’s dress got caught in the door before walking down the aisle.

Check out all the cameras! Can you find me? Where is Tem?!

Significance of the ring.

Practice makes perfect.

Bubble Exit!

I came inside to grab our gear and saw this couple. I really like the image for some reason ;p

After the ceremony we stopped by Castle Hills to do some bridal party portraits and Leo spotted this awesome 1927 Model A Ford that the owners were kind enough to let us take some photos with.

They pinned flowers for all the guests at the reception.

The kid’s table was very cool with lots of crayons and coloring books.

First dance.

Cat had to play a game where she passed a lemon from the bottom of one pant leg to the other.

The cutest cake face ever!

Garter makes a pretty fashionable armband ;p

Lively Dance floor for sure!

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