Jackie and Gerald in Manhattan Bride

That is just too cool! We received our copy of The Manhattan Bride from our lovely couple Jackie and Gerald Massa. Their wedding is featuring in the Fall/Winter2008 issue, and we are so thrilled. They write up definitely bring back all the wonderful memories.

We still remembered the first time we met with them at the Hotel by The Newark Club in New Jersey. We pretty much hit it off, and they are so super easy to work with. We went to shoot their engagements portrait session and afterward they showed us their neighborhood and told us the story of how they met and how Gerald proposed. Then they took us to this awesome restaurant which was a favorite of theirs and we even get to see Statue of Liberty… I can go on and on about the time we spent there.

Once again we really want you both to know we are appreciate your trust and your friendship.

Hugs and Kisses!