What are they up to?!

I often wonder how our brides and grooms are; what are they up to these days. We just can’t say enough how blessed we feel to be able to do what we love and to also gain friendships during the process.

Life is a constant change. With blogs and emails, I can keep up and read about our couple’s lives, and I am loving it ^_^! I am so glad we found these blogs, and of course with permission we wanted to share a few of our lovely couples’ blogs.

Let’s start with a good news: Baby Hung’s blog by Justin and Anna. I have so many pregnant girlfriends right now and I think it is so great they are blogging about their classes and their experiences throughout the process. They are two weeks away from delivery! The Baby Hung blog has good information for the new preggers out there. We are super excited for you guys and can’t wait to meet baby Hung soon.

Lisa and Jimmy Tran, a couple’s pursuit of happiness. Another awesome couple who so graciously let us be a part of their wedding day. I still remember Jimmy holding a red rose and singing to Lisa at their wedding reception. I enjoy reading their blog and living vicariously through them since they travel a lot. I am a little jealous at times, I won’t lie ;p They also have good travel links so you can find budget airlines, etc.

Last but not least, let me introduce you to Bitching Brides. As Leigh puts it, Bitching Brides is a place you can come to read about all of the horrific, funny, and unexpected things that happen to brides. From the planning stages, to the big day, and the after shocks, Bitching Brides will have it all! The favors that blew up in our face…(literally!) is a must read post. It is about how Leigh and Keith; our February 08 couple created their amateur bombs… oops… I meant wedding party favors with some flare. When she said it blew up it our face, she really meant it. It really did happened to Scott and I. I can’t wait for this blog to take off, I can’t wait to read more funny stories, if you have any please share.

Thanks you guys for letting us blog about your blogs! That just sounds funny, doesn’t it?!