Lamborghini & Apex Fifth Annual Track and Concorso

We recently photographed the Lamborghini of Dallas and Apex Driving Academy Fifth Annual Track and Concorso event at Motorsport Ranch this month.

This was a very very cool event for Lamborghini owners as well as fans of cars in general who could come out and see some of the rare cars on display as well as get a chance to drive their own cars (not limited to Lamborghinis) on the track with in-car instruction in the usual great Apex fashion. Lamborghini of Dallas also had a number of Gallardos and even one Gallardo Superleggera on hand for rides around the 1.7 mile track. The weather was beautiful, the cars were beautiful, and everyone involved with the event as well as all the people we met were very friendly and made for a great day.

Here’s a few favorites of ours (and a link below)… believe or not there are probably twice as many that we have as well, with more Apex staff, and variations of shots, etc. but we figured this was long enough for a edited down gallery. It was hard for us since we liked so many.

The MSR clubhouse with a line of Gallardo Superleggeras sitting out front.

Red Miura…. ohhhhh drooolll soooo sweet…

Paul cleaning his amazing Islero with love and care. ^_^ note: A Very cool Espada to the left.

Diablo Roadster.

Thanks to Steve for the ride is his GT3 RS! It was more than amazing…

Shane holding the cars until its safe to go back out of the pits.

Diablo GT.

Saleen S7 engine.

Andrew from Lamborghini Club America getting a ride.

Nick photographing Renee before she heads back out to the track.

Cool down lap… cool down lap…

Click here to check out some more images from this fun day.

Thanks again for a super awesome day, and all the amazing rides I got (Tem didn’t get any rides, as she soldiered out to the corner station to get some moving shots)! Next time! We appreciate everything and hope you all like the photos!