WPJA: 2011 Q1 Contest Result

17 June 2011

We are happy to share a result from the latest WPJA (The Wedding Photojournalist Association) Contest. Every year WPJA hosts the largest wedding photography competitions in the world judged by panels of award-winning photojournalists and designers and one of our images placed this time. Woo hoo…

Congratulations to all the winners! We love to look through all your images and get pushed to do better each time we go out to shoot.

From Beth and Russell’s wedding.

Judges Comments: There is just enough glint of a beaming bride to prevent her from being lost among the celebration. How appropriate that on a day traditionally filled with hundreds of details and distractions that she should rise among them all.


15 June 2011

It wasn’t too long ago when we photographed Hena and Sonu’s wedding. Happy 3rd Anniversary by the way!!! ^_- This time we meet up again to celebrate another wonderful chapter in their lives. Hena and Sonu are now proud parents of Baby Caden; a calm, laid back little baby boy. Caden was born in February and now ready to ham it up for his 1st baby portrait session.

Yep, a happy boy!!!

Pretty eyes with super curly lashes. Oh… trouble…e.

All eyes on Caden. I can feel lots of love ^_^

Training his youngling.

Once again, congratulations guys!!! It’s going to be fun, let’s enjoy the ride!!! ^_- XOXO

The ISPWP Spring 2011 Wedding Photography Contest

9 June 2011

YAY! We are happy one of our images has placed in The ISPWP Spring 2011 Wedding Photography Contest ^_^

From Lucy and Matt’s wedding: during the reception Matt was showing off his Superman underoos.


7 June 2011

Scott and I had a great time photographing Christy, Jerry, and their babies Elliot and Allison. Christy is one of my dearest friends who I met when I moved to Dallas for school. We just get along super well, and she is like a sister to me. I am so grateful she is in my life and now our little ones get to hang out. That said, we are so glad we finally did it!!! It was a nice day when we headed out to Celebration Park in Allen. The kids enjoyed themselves and we just had fun ^_^

Elliot with his shy smile.

Elliot checking things out. I love the perspective…how little he is.

He is such a sweet little boy. We refer to him as a “gentle giant”.

Scott really likes this image, he said she looks like a cartoon character ;p

*YAY* to Itsy Bitsy Spider *YAY*

Jerry and his little girl.

Allison having a great time in the swing.

I like that Scott including his own feet in the shot. We both love shooting family sessions, I just can’t say it enough: “it’s really fun!”. We slide, we ran, we played with the kids. What’s not to love?! The kids get to be themselves and we get to capture those fleeting moments for their parents and for them when they grow up.

Too high, daddy!

What a happy little girlie girl?!

This one I shot for me ^_-


2 June 2011

Time sure flies by fast when you are having fun and all of the sudden little Mr.Antony turns one ^_- Andrea and Joseph held Antony’s 1st birthday party at Nick & Sam’s Grill.

Antony’s little friend(s) came to celebrate with him.

Mommy didn’t miss any details.

Daddy is so proud of his birthday boy.


27 May 2011

Stephanie and Daniel recently tied the knot at The Reflections on Spring Creek in Plano. It was laid back and naturally we had a great time shooting. Here here… to another wonderful wedding we are glad to be a part of. Congrats to you both!!!

Let me let these photographs tell the story of the day:

Starting with the girls getting ready.

Just before the processional, I spotted Sienna and her daddy among all the guests.

Kristin watching her daddy getting married.

True shutter bug groom’s cake ;p

OK, that was impressively high.

Yikes! The gold bracelet pinched her… looks painful >_<

Check out more of our favorites from Stephanie and Daniel’s wedding here.


10 May 2011

I looked back through our email correspondence and thought this was pretty neat. The first email from Ashley “My husband and I never had proper wedding photographs, nor proper family pictures (with our 14 year old) and I am about to FINALLY get my bachelors degree in May and wanted to commemorate our 2011 life, with pictures”.

It was a perfect day for a family portrait session we finally got together with Ashley, Eddie and Caleb at one of my most favorites place to shoot; The Dallas Arboretum. Oh boy, did WE have fun too! I loved every moment of it. We just chatted and strolled around the garden, played, and cracked up the whole time. Their energy and obvious liking for each other was infectious and it didn’t even feel like going to work. Family sessions rock!!!

After all the photos were done, we wanted to try something new and so we asked the three of them to give us some feedback and comments on their favorite shots. As we want to focus more on our family sessions this year we thought it would be a cool idea to see what our clients really felt about the images.

I will start with their favorites along with the image they picked and then we will show a few of our favorites. With the family’s permission, the following is an email we received in response to us asking for their thoughts.

Caleb said “I really like the one with my Mom and Dad kissing behind me and I’m sticking out my tongue” he felt like it was SO him and us as a family. I know Caleb gets annoyed with Eddie and I, like most teenagers do, but I think he is proud to have us as parents. He makes comments about his friends parents and I think he is thankful for us. I think he liked that picture because it shows him acting silly, which he is. He also LOVED the one of him and I by the flower houses. He has his arm around me and I’m sideways laughing and my wrinkled nose is touching his cheek. It is a close up He said he wants an 8X10 for his room. Isn’t that cool! A teenager wanting a picture of him and his Mom!

Fun Family Portrait Session

Eddie said that he liked so many of them. I know he liked the black and white of him and Caleb (he is getting so big). He liked the pictures of him and I with the water in the back ground. But, overall, he had two favorites, the one that is in black and white where I’m grabbing Caleb’s face (telling him to behave) and Eddie has his arms around both of us but looking at the camera with a look on his face as if he were saying “Here we go again.” The other one was a little surprising to me and it was the one where Eddie and I are together with the water behind us. It only shows Eddie’s face and we are hugging. The look on his face is all enduring love. It is awesome! I asked him “Eddie, do you still love me like that picture?” and he said “Of course I do, always have and always will” Wasn’t that sweet!

Now for me, it is hard to pick just one:-( I like the one where all three of us are in the trees and I have my arms around Eddie. I also like the same place with the trees and we are kissing Eddie. I also love one of the silly pictures where all of our mouths are open (that is SO our family personality) I thought you got some great pictures of Caleb by himself.

All in all, the overall theme of what everyone individually liked had to do with you capturing our relationships. Our relationship as a family, our one on one relationships with each other and our overall family relationship. Some of the looks on our faces, said a thousand words. I like that we were not very posed. We were very relaxed and could be ourselves. We were nervous, hence Caleb laughing the entire time (knucklehead) but, I think from here on out, every time we take pictures with you, we will be even more ourselves.

I can’t say more. Thanks guys!!! Thanks you for your kinds words and time you guys put back in. We appreciate it!!!

We are so glad we got to meet you three and we are honored you guys chose us to photograph your family.

Now, check out some of our favorites from the shoot.


22 April 2011

It’s about time!!! Jamie is Scott’s cousin and she and Joey, after dating for over 8 years are finally tying the knot early next year, and we can’t wait!

We got together with them and Bentley, their dog, and had some fun at a local park in Plano.

It was hard to narrow it down, but check out some of our favorites:

Couples photography in Dallas and Plano by award winning photographers

Love this shot of Bentley looking up at them…

Tem spotted this great light…

Joey’s mom Nancy came with us to help keep an eye on Bentley, so when they were sitting together we got a quick portrait followed by a great moment between mom and son. ^_^


20 April 2011

We can’t be any happier for Christine and Matt whom we’ve met a few months ago for their portrait session. They are now expecting their first child and we have the privilege of being there to photograph the new developments ^_- We can’t wait to meet the baby and photograph him very soon. What a wonderful time!

A special order shirt for Matt ^_- Genius!!!
Maternity Portrait photography in Dallas

Their boxer Lola was cute!

Christine really wanted this shot… Matt was on board… sort of… ^_^


16 April 2011

A fun engagement portrait session with Stephanie and Daniel by the Arts District area. I edited all the images with a smile on my face, they were playful and we sure had fun shooting their portrait session. I feel “joyous” seeing these images and the interaction between them. We are definitely looking forward to shoot the wedding at the end of this month.

Here are some of Scott’s and my favs:
Engagement Portrait Session by The Arts District in Dallas