30 March 2011

It’s true we are one of the Fearless Photographers. Yay!!!

Check out FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS: a new site where you can find innovative and unique wedding images. Also if any of the image move you, vote for them!

We are very proud and happy our images were chosen by Fearless Photographers this round. Check them out:

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Lookbook

28 March 2011

We are so thrilled the Knot recently announced that one of our images is in The Knot Ultimate Wedding Lookbook. Of course, I gotta share the news ^_-

Our image came from Jen and Josh’s wedding that we shot on Isla Mujeres Mexico. It is the shot of their unique looking menu.

The book is now available online at The Knot Wedding Shop, http://www.TheKnot.com/shop, and at Amazon.com. You’ll also find it in Barnes & Noble and Borders. Just in time for proposal season! Go check it out!!!

Create your own wedding album and Happy Anniversary!!!

21 March 2011

First of all, Happy 2nd Anniversary to Uyen and Ron! May you both have long healthy, sweet, awesome years to come.

As promised, I want to share what our clients do to the files they receive with their package. Uyen designed her own wedding album and shared a few images with us earlier. Of course, I couldn’t help but want to show off her album and how excellent of a job she did. Thanks for dropping it off, I am having fun reliving the day.

As times have changed a lot of people do not make or use photo prints anymore. So when we include our files completely color worked and ready to make prints, and then later learn that our couples do something fun with them, we’re all the more excited to see all the work we put into the photos being used and enjoyed as they were meant to be.

Here some shots of Uyen and Ron’s self made 12×12″ album with tons of big images. Very nice guys!
Wedding Album

Wedding Album

OMG, look at all the details and work they did. By the way, Uyen, her sister Allison and her mom made all these wonderful treats. They are such a pro! Not only it looks great, they tastes wonderful!!! Nom nom… nom.
Wedding Album

Wedding Album

Wedding Album

Wedding Album

2010 Fourth Quarter WPJA Photography Competition

18 March 2011

“The Wedding Photojournalist Association is pleased to announce the results of the Fourth Quarter WPJA Photography Competition. Join us as we congratulate all the winners.

The 2010 Q4 Contest showcases the wedding photojournalism of WPJA members throughout the 2010 year in 18 categories. From 24,112 entries only 360 finalists were selected.

Every year WPJA hosts the largest wedding photography competitions in the world judged by panels of award-winning photojournalists and designers. Competitions, which are held quarterly and open only to WPJA members, are part of the association’s commitment to upholding the highest standards in wedding photojournalism. Membership in WPJA requires rigorous standards in technical skill, aesthetics and best business practices.” wpja.com

And… Guess what?! We didn’t forget to enter this time and guess again… what happened?! ^_- Hee hee… A couple of our images placed in this fierce competition ^o^ woo hoo. We are quite proud and very happy about it.

From Becky and Nick’s wedding.

From Lucy and Matt’s engagement session.

I love looking through these images. Congrats and thanks to all winners, friends, colleagues who keep inspiring me to be better at my craft!

Ideas for a wedding day slideshow

15 March 2011

The other day Scott and I were talking about how blessed we are with what we get to do for a living. We talked about our clients and their weddings and what we get to shoot and the relationship we have with each couple. (THANKS for trusting us guys!!!)

We often talk about our experiences to each other and what we get to see and document at weddings. We ended up talking about high-resolution files, and since we offer high-res files with all of the packages we have we wonder what can you really do with the high-res files that we deliver? Aside from making your own prints from them, or making your own books online (another post on that coming soon ^_-), one idea is to use the files from your engagement or bridal session with us as a wedding day reception slideshow.

Alan and Lanie did just that, and had them running on a large projection screen during the beginning half of the evening’s reception so everyone could see. They however didn’t just have a running gallery in the background. They added something to their favorite shots that had everyone’s attention.

Alan’s father has a website dedicated to poetry, and he and a few of his friends dedicated each poem used in the images to the happy couple and had included their names into each poem.

We thought it was such a cool idea, and wanted to share their poems and the idea with you.

Las Colinas Wedding Portrait

Be on the lookout! We are going to start sharing these ideas and how people present their images at wedding or in their home. It’s going to be fun!

Till next time!!! XOXO