Margie and Kobin’s Enagement

29 September 2010

Finally Margie and Kobin are getting hitched! We met them both at a photographer get together years ago and have been friends ever since. They’ve been dating for 8 years now, so I guess it is about time (wink wink). ^_^ We got together with Kobin and Margie at the Shops @ Legacy in Plano for their engagement session recently and had a lot of fun exploring the area and playing with the light with them. Their wedding is this weekend actually and we’re definitely looking forward to it! ^_^

See you guys soon!

Here are some favorites from the engagement session:

Trinon Comes Home!

25 September 2010

We feel PRIVILEGED to have been able to capture little baby Trinon coming home after 5 weeks in the NICU. We found out about Amber giving birth to their son Trinon prematurely back in August. Trinon was born at only 4lbs 10oz so he still had a little way to go in the NICU before he could come home.

After a few weeks when it finally seemed that Trinon was going to be able to be released he had a minor complication and was again not able to come home and meet his big sister. Finally we got the word that Trinon was scheduled to be released to go home on a Friday and we knew we had to capture it. This day made it even sweeter because Amber and Michael’s daughter Audrey, who was not quite 2 years old (the age in which you need to be to visit Trinon) was a little too young to go into the hospital to meet her new little brother.

When we showed up at the hospital the NICU was full of tiny preemies being cared for around the clock by the staff at Baylor’s NICU. Michael was there doing some last minute prep before the release paper work was finished, and they could all leave and bring Audrey to the hospital to meet her little brother for the first time.

Here are some favorites of what we were able to document:

Proud daddy holding Trinon before a last in hospital diaper change before going home.

Amber crosses her fingers and hopes that the little guy will have no more trouble and that this will in fact be the day he gets to go home with the rest of the family.

After a diaper and clothes change mom and dad have to reattach the monitors.

Look how tiny his foot is!

One more feeding before the big ride home and meeting his big sister for the first time.

The hospital had them take Trinon to the car in the patient loading area to make sure he would be secured and travel safely.

This is the first time Audrey ever saw her little brother.

She immediately gave Trinon her little toy.

An emotional moment for sure.

We headed to the hospital lobby so Audrey would have a little more room to actually meet Trinon.

She was super excited!

She wanted to hold him so badly… she kept saying “I hold him?”. She loved him immediately.

After a little time together it was time to pack back into the car and head home. Audrey gives Trinon one more loving touch before they left together.

Ok, here is the link to view more of our favorites from the afternoon.

We couldn’t be happier and more honored to have been there to capture something so intimate for the family we had the privilege to capture starting out. ^_^

As I write this blog entry it is Amber’s birthday as well. Happy Birthday Amber!!!


21 September 2010

Kristie and Troy had an intimate ceremony on a Saturday morning in late August at the Dallas Arboretum. Only very close friends and family were in attendance and the outpouring of love and happiness for the both of them was obvious from everyone the whole morning.

We were honored to have been able to be there to capture the emotional ceremony.

Congratulations Kristie and Troy!

Check out some of our favorites from their wedding:

The bridesmaids help situate the final touches for Kristie.

Kristie gives troy a light-hearted last minute pre-ceremony pep talk. ^_^

Tem really loves the honest portrait. She was so polite and quiet, but shy.

Troy with his mom just before the ceremony.

The kids occupying themselves with technology of course.

Kristie, her dad, and the officiant before getting ready to come down the aisle.

Troy’s vows brought big tears from Kristie.

After the ceremony we just had to grab the both of them for some quick portraits.


14 September 2010

WHAT?! WHAT?! Great news!!! We both are so stoked hee hee… another image of our placed 1st in another uber fierce contest. YES!!!

The 2010 WPJA Q2 Contest showcases the wedding photojournalism of WPJA members throughout the year in 7 categories. The WPJA’s quarterly competitions call for the very best in world-class wedding photojournalism, and then reward talent with unparalleled peer review by distinguished photojournalism judges, titles and professional recognition.

Our image from Carrie and Sammy’s wedding placed 1st in Reception.

JUDGES COMMENTS: Great use of ambient and strobe lighting combined with slow shutter made dance photograph memorable. Just enough panning to create elegant, feel of dance while isolating the couple to capture the dreamy mood of the evening.

JUDGES COMMENTS: The bride and groom dancing together is one of those special wedding moments that every wedding photographer hopes will make a special photograph. The photographer combined a slow shutter speed to create a feeling of motion and used light to isolate the couple on the dance floor. The photograph is taken from above, a balcony perhaps, and the composition places the couple in the lower right third of the frame. Although they occupy only a small portion of the frame the couple capture all of the attention. It’s a well thought out and well executed photograph.

Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks you all for your hard work and inspiration!

Little Sophia

14 September 2010

We met Carlos, Michelle, and little Sophia at Ryan’s birthday party a few months ago. How cool, when we got the call from Carlos, saying that they loved our work and definitely wanted to get together sometime after Sophia’s first birthday for some family portraits.

We met at a park in Allen, and although summer was in full swing and hot, Sophia was in good spirits and we all had a lot of fun playing.

Check out some of our favorites from the session:

The ISPWP Summer 2010 Wedding Photography Contest

10 September 2010

YES!!! ^_^ We recently found out that one of our images placed 1st in the ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) Summer 2010 Wedding Photography Contest. We enjoy looking through all these inspiring images. We are proud and honored!

From Sarah’s bridal portrait:

JUDGE COMMENTS: The simplicity of this image is what makes it great. great composition and processing.Very simple and elegant.

Peter proposes to Carmella

2 September 2010

When we received an email from Peter on a Wednesday describing how he was going to propose to his girlfriend Carmella, he asked us if we could cover the big surprise. From email to proposal it was only 4 days however the makings of the story were much longer.

At the time we got Peter’s initial email, he was in Dublin, Ireland. Carmella was here in Dallas of course, and had no idea he would be here at all. He arranged an elaborate scheme to get her to the Dallas Arboretum on a Sunday morning, where she would find a sunrise overlooking WhiteRock lake, a table for two, and a note from Peter. She would be convinced that he was still in Ireland and that this elaborate plan was just something special he wanted to do for her since he couldn’t be with her.

Soon after she would read his letter, he would sneak up behind her, surprise her, and propose, all the while Tem and I waited in the bushes photographing the whole thing.

Here’s some of our favorites from how it played out:

Peter took his place hiding while Carmella walked out to the table.

Carmella got Peter’s letter.

Time for the big surprise!

“OMG!” I think was her exclaimation. ^_^

She thought he was still overseas.