Katie + Jeremy’s engagement

23 December 2007

We met Katie and Jeremy at The Shops at Legacy where they had their first date to shoot their engagement photos. Its great when we can go someplace that actually means something to a couple, so that they will always have an emotional link with the background. check out a couple of our favorites.

Anna’s bridal

23 December 2007

Anna’s bridal session at The Meyerson Symphony Center.

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John and Chris’ Kids and Grandkids

20 December 2007

Another fun family portrait session for us. We had photographed Angela and Kevin’s lovely family a couple of times during the past few years. This time we have John, Chris (Angela’s parents) and Angela’s brother Michael’s family all together at once.

It was a bit windy that day but the girls were having fun. We did too!

Lauren, our future fierce competitor.

Chris bonds with Jack before his nap time.

Jane and Billy’s wedding

19 December 2007

We recently photographed Jane and Billy’s wedding at St.Andrew’s UMC in Plano and the reception at Gleneagles Country Club. It was definitely a treat to see all the familiar faces again.

Jane getting ready.

Billy waiting in the sanctuary to see Jane for the first time.

She was just so emotional.

Bridesmaids trying to free Jane’s veil.

Giving away the bride.

Walking down the aisle as a married couple.

An awesome Gallardo for their getaway car… a man of my own heart. ^_^

Here’s another one… well, because a Lamborghini on a wedding day is pretty cool.

Jane and Billy’s first dance as husband and wife.

R2D2… at this point I’m wondering if Billy is my long lost brother. Cars and Star Wars cakes… you can’t go wrong.

Whole hearty hug.

Father and daughter dance, shot by Braeden who came to help us out.

Now let’s dance…

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Miles first birthday

14 December 2007

Time flies when you’re having fun. We can’t believe, Miles is turning one ;p

More Mac n’ Cheese please..e.

Maddie messed with Chris’ beard while he brushed her hair.

Graham blowing up a balloon.

The girls tried to help Cooper out.

Mia’s piƱata action.

Madeline with the flower from her own garden.

Crystal helped out our little birthday boy a little.

You gotta view all of our favs from Miles first birthday here. It was so colorful and fun!!!

Kim Vy and Calvin’s wedding

14 December 2007

We photographed Kim Vy and Calvin’s wedding recently and here are some of our favs…

As they exchanging the rings.

The guys before heading to the reception.

Chocolate fountain always so popular.

Theirs first dance.

Kim vy with her sisters and brother.

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Amy and Kevin’s engagement

7 December 2007

Congratulations on your engagement!!! If you get a chance just ask Kevin how he proposed ;p It’s a cute story… we can only tell you that.

We are excited and looking forward to the wedding day.

Seulgey + Ed’s wedding

5 December 2007

It was really sweet of Seulgey and Ed to stop by and introduced themselves a few days before their wedding since they don’t live here locally. We had a great time at the wedding, thanks again!!!

Here are some of our favs from their wedding at The Royal Lane Baptist Church.

The girls getting ready.

Jill Hill, the wedding coordinator of The Royal Lane Baptist Church helping out.

checking twice.

Seulgey and her mom sharing a moment before ceremony.

Parents walking in.

Proud brother giving away his sister.

Bowing to all their guests.

Seulgey, Ed and their families stood outside of the santuary thanking every guest as they leave.

Ed’s brother cracked him up during the toast.

Seulgey’s sister in law played amazing piano.

Now a duet with her husband ^_^

Their friends put together awesome heartfelt programs throughout the reception.

Seulgey thanked Ed’s parents for raising an amazing person. A very touching speech!

They ended the reception with a traditional Korean ceremony.

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