Leigh’s bridal

29 October 2007

A beautiful bride at The Arboretum ^_^

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Anna + Doug’s wedding

25 October 2007

Congratulations Anna + Doug!

It was a beautiful sunny day at the Dallas Arboretum. Anna waiting to see Doug for the first time.

Stradivarius String Quartet.

An overall shot of their ceremony at The Women’s Garden.


Father and Daughter dance.

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Jackie + Joey’s wedding in Milwaukee

9 October 2007

We are so excited to have gotten the chance to get back to Milwaukee again to be a part of Jackie and Joey’s wedding. They’ve been together forever, according to her cousin Nikki (who’s wedding we shot in Milwaukee last year). We had a great time with them, their friends, and family who welcomed us warmly and made everything so smooth. Congrats guys and thanks for having us!

Buddhist Thai ceremony at Joey’s parents’house

Food offering to the monks.

Joey’s dad put blessing marks on his forehead.

She steals a glance at him.

Wedding day – At The Beauty Salon

Joey checking and making sure everything looks good.

At their place, the girls are getting ready… or not ^_-

Jackie’s mom is.

we love the funny message on TV, it said “She learned a powerful lesson that day”.

Their reception site being prepped.

Jackie’s sister Lynn getting a belly rub from her cousin.

Getting help from her youngest sister.

Ah… that fits like a glove ^_^

Jackie’s parents walking her down the aisle.

Bridal party at the lake front.

And look, who dropped in?! ^_^ We just had to grab his picture.

We love these lines.

And the wind…

And oh…the sky at sunset.

First dance.

She changed into this cool dress and they had a traditional dance.

Kids waiting for what was supposed to be white chocolate fondue ^_-

And the reception had begun.

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Us in The Whittington’s personal project ^_^

6 October 2007

To make a long story short, while hanging out with Brooks and Leigh (a very AWESOME husband and wife wedding photographer team) we let out a nerdy secret to them… we have a room in our house with a lot of Star Wars toys on the wall, and that sometimes we break out toy lightsabers and duel. Ok ok… its really me (Scott’s) nerdom coming out, but what can we say.

So after Brooks and Leigh heard that they told us about their personal project to photograph all of the other wedding photographers that they know and they just had to capture us at our best. So here you go…

Do we need to say more about ourselves, really!?

To Brooks and Leigh, you guys are truly awesome photographers and friends!!! We’re glad we were able to duel for you guys. We had lots of fun, THANKS for capturing us!!!

Check out their inspiring work here.

Kim + Calvin’s Engagement

1 October 2007

Kim and Calvin have been together for a long time now and ^yay^ for them. They are getting hitched this coming November. Here are a couple images from their engagement session at the Arboretum.

See you guys soon. We are looking forward to it!javascript:void(0)
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