26 August 2011

What have we done today?! ^_- Check this out http://mim.io/1d63d Booyah!

Scott and Tem Photography is happy and excited to announce their joining with F8 STUDIO.

We are looking forward to working with our good friends who will push us to stay on top with our work, while still staying true to our own creative style.


18 August 2011

“It’s about time!”, We heard Sue and Stephan’s family and friends said. They’ve been dating for the last 10 years. They are now married and we have all these fun images to prove it ^_-.

We started off with a brief bridal party portrait in downtown McKinney. While Scott headed to Sue’s house for the girls’ touch ups and getting ready for Tea Ceremony, I went with the guys to Stephan’s house to get this clan so we can come back to Sue’s house. Afterward, everyone went to Stephan’s house and had a second tea ceremony to welcome Sue to Stephan’s family.

They held their reception at Kirin Court in Richardson. It was an easy-going evening with their friends and family and some fun dancing. ^_^

Here are a few images from the day:

More of our favorites from their wedding here. Enjoy!!!


16 August 2011

Jennifer and James’ wedding album (Animal Friendly Leather Cover Artbook) arrived recently and I couldn’t be happier. I get to relive their wedding day for a moment ^_- Thanks again for trusting us and letting us be a part of your wedding.

I quality checked all the pages and of course I couldn’t help but want to keep it for myself ^_-

And now that they have it in their possession I want to post a few images here:


8 August 2011

Recently Scott and I photographed a cozy, intimate wedding reception of Sara and Simon in Dallas. They were relaxed and had a great time with their family and friends. We too of course had a wonderful time seeing familiar faces and mingling ^_^ One of the highlights is that we also got to meet our formal groom and bride Saeed and his wife Monica. What a treat?!

Sara’s parents’ home is gorgeous and the food from eatzi’s was incredible as well. Here are a few of our favorite images from their Dallas reception.

Warnings: there are a lot of smiling images, it may cause the viewers to smile along ^_-

We had a little time before all the guests arrived so we shot a few portraits of them around the house.


25 July 2011

This family portrait session was booked by Andrea (Francis’s sister) last year as a gift to our bride and groom (Yujin and Francis). What a great gift idea?! Family session for those you love.

It felt like yesterday we were in Pasadena, CA for Yujin and Francis’s wedding. I am glad we got a chance to reconnect and photograph their cozy family session.

Sweet couple then and now.

I can’t believe Netti is going off to college soon. Time sure flies by fast?!


18 July 2011

What a pleasure to work with another adorable family ^_^ We recently photographed the Chiou family at the Dallas Arboretum.

Meet Scott, Sara and little mr.Brandon!

High school sweethearts! Aww…w

I am a little obsessed with kids and babies who have long lashes ^_- They are just so pretty.

At the end of the session, Brandon had an awesome time playing in the frog fountains.


7 July 2011

Welcome to the world Isaiah!!! We are so please to have met you ^_^ Thanks for an easy afternoon little man!

I can hear Bruce Lee voice in the background. Don’t mess with me people!

Imagine Lion King moment… roar… exercise lung power…r.

Look at the little fingers and toes!

I love Christine’s look. I can tell she is in love ^_-

Christine and Matt, congrats on the new addition to the family guys!!!


4 July 2011

Jaimie and Josh recently had their wedding out in Grandview TX at Beaumont Ranch. It was a pretty hot day in June, but the setting for the ceremony was beautiful during sunset and the emotion of the day for them pretty much made the outside temperatures fade away.

We’re so glad we were able to be there to capture the day for Jaimie and Josh and had a blast with them and all of their awesome friends and family.

Check out some of our favorites from the day:

This is Josh’s wedding gift to Jaimie. ^_^

Scott makes and appearance.

Jaimie was helping grandma get ready also.

They had some fun colors for the big day.

As the sun went down it made for some incredible window light.

A quick window light portrait.

Jaimie and her dad compare their Converse just before walking downt he aisle.

Josh couldn’t hold back his emotions when he saw Jaimie for the first time.

They brought their guns out to the ranch for some sport shooting, and wanted a shot with all of them as well.

Not out typical wedding day prop… out with the flowers, in with the 12 gauges.

Jaimie and the girls switched to their soccer gear for a shot she wanted.

First dance.

Jaimie and her dad take the floor.

Josh and his mom.

Emotional speeches.

Josh’s brother really went for it!


Jaimie and her mom had a nice moment on the dance floor.

Last Dance.

Check out more of our favorites from their wedding here.


23 June 2011

Yep yep Summer is here. Even though it feels like a hundred million degrees out, I somehow look forward to it though. Why?! Because I know we would get to see Alissa and Gage again. ^_^ We have been photographing this fun mother-son duo for the last 2 years. And of course this year is no exception, and we are not gonna miss it for anything! It’s kind of funny when I was little I would hear older people say ‘wow, you are growing up so fast!’ all the time. This time when I see Gage, that is exactly what I said. He is taller, leaner and more boisterous. He is all about play play play… he is a machine ^_- As usual, Scott and I had tremendous fun running around chasing them and catching up with Alissa.

We monkeyed around at the playground ^_-

They came all equipped and prepared with props, toys, changes of clothes and food. Alissa, you are a super mom!!! By the way, this is one of my favorite favs (say it a couple of times it will make sense ^_- heh heh)

Gage paused briefly for Scott to get this shot before he took off again.

Another image I look at over and over and can’t help but smile at. Gage and his grandma… and the look on his face. ^_^

Off we went to a pond in the neighborhood. Gage scoping out his fishing spot.

I admit I was a little skeptical about fishing but the little dude has skills. He got a fish! Pretty darn cool!

Alright, this is another one of my super favs ^_- They are so cute together!!! And his fishing outfit is just too perfect.

I was following Gage around the playground and all of the sudden I heard ‘Gage, Gage’ and I look up … Snap… yep the only frame I got.

We ended up at the swimming pool. The boy’s eyes lit up and he just couldn’t wait to get in the water. I think he’s part fish.

I am already looking forward to next year ^_^ hee hee. Thanks you guys again for having us out to capture your memories!!! We had so much fun!


21 June 2011

I refer to baby G as a “happy baby”. Every time I see her images online she would have the biggest smile and when I finally met her for the first time she smiled at me. She charmed me… I am in love. She is just plain adorable and I am so glad we get a chance to capture her wonderful babyhood with her parents Tammy and George.

I am going to sound like a broken record here. Gabriella, you are so cute…eee.e.

Tammy had said I want Gabby to remember her childhood home; her blue house. I am glad they came out and played on the porch. Now we have the proof ^_-