Q: Do you travel outside of the Dallas/Ft Worth area for wedding coverage, and are you available for destination weddings?
scott + tem: We are available to travel outside of our local areas, state, and out of the country for destination weddings. Travel costs are based on your location, so please contact us at 972-342-8579 or email us and we will be happy to give you a customized quote.

Q: Do you shoot digital or film, and what type of equipment do you use? Can digital files make large prints?
scott + tem: We currently only shoot in digital format using Nikon professional equipment. We feel that there are many technical advantages to digital over film in the way we use it and we love the control we have over the output quality of our images. We typically print anywhere from wallet to poster sized (20x30" and larger) prints from our digital images. We have no qualms about the quality or detail we get from our images and take pride in our own custom color work that goes into the end result. Please contact us with any questions regarding larger prints than listed on our web site or any special print requests.

Q: Do you bring backup equipment?
scott + tem: We currently bring 4 camera bodies, multiple lenses, and enough storage space to cover your wedding completely.

Q: My church has a no flash photography rule. How do you deal with this?
scott + tem: We do not use flash photography during the ceremony indoors and always adhere to any rules that a ceremony location has.

Q: Do you photograph any posed formal pictures or work from a shot list?
scott + tem: We are happy to work with you on the formals/group shots that you may want. Our approach to formals/group shots is short and sweet (approximately 20-30 minutes) as this allows you more time to be with your guests and enjoy your wedding day.

Q: Can we see complete wedding work?
scott + tem: Of course! Click on client proofs to view our most recent work from the past 6 months. You can view entire wedding day coverage that represents what we actually deliver to each bride and groom. Some are password protected for privacy of course, but you can get an idea of our consistency from any of those galleries which are open.

Q: Do we make payments or pay the full amount at contract signing? What types of payment do you accept?
scott + tem: You can certainly pay the full coverage fee at the time you return a signed contract and model release. If you choose to pay in installments, one third of the total coverage fee is paid at the time of the contract signing. This amount is a nonrefundable retainer that assures that we reserve the date for your wedding and any other inquiry for that date is refused. The second payment of one third of the total cost is due 45 days before the wedding, with the final one third due two weeks before the wedding. We accept cash, personal checks, cashier's checks and money orders. We also accept Visa, Master Card, Amex and Discover credit cards. Q: When will we be able to see our pictures?
scott + tem: Your images will be ready to view online approximately 3-5 weeks after the wedding date.

Q: What is "Online proofing"?
scott + tem: Online proofing is where you, family, and friends will be able to view all of your wedding photos as well as order any prints. This will be the same amount of wedding photos that you will receive with your DVD of high-resolution files.

Q: Do we have to pay for our high resolution digital files? And, what does it mean when your contract states that you retain the copyrights to the images?
scott + tem: Your high resolution digital files are yours to keep if they are included in the coverage you booked. Your DVD of high resolution files will be available to you upon delivery of your album or 6 months after the wedding date. Your DVD of high resolution files comes with limited term use release, which allows you to make reprints to share with friends and family; however we do retain the copyrights to all of the images captured. This means that according to United States copyright law, all images taken by a professional photographer are copyrighted by that photographer and the photographer owns all rights to them. {17 USC 106.} Since we hold the copyrights to all images captured, you will not be allowed to use the images or negatives for any reason other than private personal use.

Q: Are the files that are delivered on our DVD proofs? Are they watermarked?
scott + tem: The high-resolution digital files that we deliver to you on your DVD are NOT proofs or marked with a logo or studio marking of any type on the image. The final result that you see on the online proofing site and the web site or blog, are representative of exactly what you will see when you get your disc. They go through our own custom color editing process and are ready to make prints straight from the disc.

Q: How much of a difference is there between an 8x12" (full frame) print and an 8x10" (cropped) print?
scott + tem: We list both 8x12" and 8x10" prints as well as 16x24" and 16x20" prints next to each other to offer an option to preserve our original photograph aspect ratio. An 8x10" and 16x20" print is a pretty "standard" sized print however; both are a trimmed or cropped version of the original photo. We feel that in order to preserve the original full frame, we prefer to offer a print that reflects our second and third most popular print sizes.

Q: What if I want an item that is not included on your pricing page?
scott + tem: If you don't see an item in our pricing page that you'd like to include, please don't hesitate to call us at 972.342.8579 or email us and let us know.